On this day in 1535 – Sir Robert Drury died

Sir Robert Drury died on 2nd March 1535.

Born in Suffolk in 1456, Drury entered Lincoln’s Inn, where he became a barrister in 1473. He later became a prominent figure at the Tudor court. Drury was elected as a Member of Parliament for Suffolk in 1491, 1495 and 1510 and acted as Speaker of the House in 1495. During the battle of Blackheath in 1497 he was knighted by Henry VII. Drury is listed as a mourner at Prince Henry’s funeral in 1511 where he helped bear the canopy during the procession.

In his later life Drury was named as executor of the will for John De Vere, Earl of Oxford, in 1513.

In his own will, written on 1st May 1531, Drury requested to be buried in the Chancel of St Mary’s Church, Bury St. Edmunds alongside his first wife, Anne Calthorpe. They lie together under a stone monument which bears the inscription “Such as ye be, sometimes were we, such as we are, such shall ye be. Miserere nostril.”


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