On this day in 1593 – Thomas Snagge died

Thomas Snagge was born in 1536 in Letchworth and studied law at Gray’s Inn, London. He began practising law in London in 1554.

Snagge had a great career under Queen Elizabeth I as he was appointed to the role of Attorney General for Ireland in 1577. Snagge held this role for three years until 1580 and it appears that he disliked being in Ireland, with all official paperwork listing the many complaints he had, in particular complaints about Nicholas White, the Master of the Rolls in Ireland.

Snagge was appointed, in 1580, the position of Serjeant at law, a role that would see him work with a small group of lawyers that took a lot of the work of the common law courts. However with Queen Elizabeth I created the Queen’s Council, this group of lawyers began to diminish. In 1589, Snagge was created Speaker at the House of Commons and the following year was appointed to Queen’s Serjeant.

Snagge died in 1593 and buried in St Mary’s Church in Marston Moretaine

Tomb of Thomas Snagge

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