On this day in 1496 – Mary Tudor was born

Mary Tudor was born on 18th March 1496. She was the third daughter and fifth child of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Mary was born at Richmond Palace.

In 1507 Mary was betrothed to the future Holy Roman Emperor, Charles. However, with Henry VIII changing political allegiance to favour France the betrothal was off. Instead Mary was promised to the aging King of France, Louis XII and at the age of 18 in 1514 she was married and proclaimed Queen of France. Less than three months into the marriage Louis died.

Henry VIII sent an envoy to France to bring his sister home, amongst them was Charles Brandon. Mary and Brandon were married in secret on 3rd March 1515. As the marriage was without the King’s permission they had caused treason, upon return to the English court they were summoned to explain themselves. Henry was furious and the couple were eventually let off with a heavy fine and an official marriage ceremony on 13th May 1515 at Greenwich Palace.

Mary was opposed to the King’s divorce to Katherine of Aragon and didn’t hide her feelings on the matter causing the once close siblings to fight. Mary also opposed Henry’s choice of new bride, Anne Boleyn. Anne was a maid in waiting during Mary’s time as Queen of France.

Mary Tudor

Mary died at her home in Westhorpe, Suffolk on 25th June 1533 and buried at Bury St Edmunds Abbey. After the dissolution of the monasteries her body was removed and re-interred at St Mary’s Church. Mary and Charles had four children and through her eldest daughter Frances was the grandmother of the nine day Queen, Lady Jane Grey.

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