On this day in 1538 – Elizabeth Boleyn is buried

Elizabeth Boleyn died on 3rd April 1538, two years after she saw her son and daughter, George and Anne, unlawfully executed at the hands of King Henry VIII. Elizabeth died near Baynards Castle at the home of the Abbot of Reading, Hugh Cook Faringdon. Her cause of death is unknown.

Elizabeth Boleyn was buried in St. Mary’s Church, Lambeth. She was interred into the Howard tomb. It was an interesting choice for her to be buried with her kinsmen and not in a Boleyn tomb where her husband could eventually join her!

Two days after Elizabeth’s burial John Husee wrote to Lady Lisle:

“My Lady of Wiltshire was buried at Lambeth on the 7th. My Lord Comptroller was chief mourner for the men and Lady Dawbny of the women. She was conveyed from a house beside Baynard’s Castle by barge to Lambeth with torches burning and four baneys set out on all quarters of the barge, which was covered with black and a white cross. At her burial was the King of Heralds, a herald and a pursuivant.”
St. Mary’s Church, Lambeth still stands today however, it is The Garden Museum and the location of the Howard tomb is now where the cafe is situated.

st mary's church                                                      St Mary’s Church, Lambeth

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