On this day in 1542 – Sir Henry Clifford died

Sir Henry Clifford was born in 1493 to Henry, 10th Baron de Clifford and his wife Anne.

Clifford’s father spent many years in hiding after a bill of attainder was passed against his family for his father John’s killing of Edmund Plantagenet. It was only after the defeat of King Richard III that Henry came out of hiding and took up his role of 10th Baron de Clifford.

The younger Henry Clifford grew up in the court of King Henry VIII and was knighted at the king’s coronation and in 1522 he was appointed the Sheriff of Yorkshire and after the passing of his father he also became the Sheriff of Westmorland in 1523.

On 18th June 1525 Henry VIII created Clifford the 1st Earl of Cumberland in an attempt to reinforce the Scottish borders. He was also made Warden of the West Marches and Governor of Carlisle Castle. In 1536 Clifford refused to support the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion and for his loyalty was made a Knight of the Garter by the king in 1537.

Henry Clifford died on 22nd April 1542 and was buried in Holy Trinity Church, Skipton.

Henry Clifford tomb

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