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On this day in 1530 – Baron Gilbert Tailboys died

Gilbert Tailboys was born in 1497 to Sir George Tailboys and his wife Elizabeth.

In 1520 Tailboys was married to Elizabeth Blount, otherwise known as Bessie, former mistress to King Henry VIII and mother to Henry’s son Henry Fitzroy. Fitzroy was the only illegitimate child that Henry acknowledged. This is likely because Bessie was unmarried it was normal for illegitimate children to be known as the son or daughter of the husband even if the child was born as the result of an affair.

Not much is known of Tailboys early life but his father George was declared insane in 1517 and Gilbert was sent to court under the protection of Cardinal Wolsey. His links with Wolsey is a probable reason as to why he was selected to marry Bessie Blount after her relationship with the King ended.

It appears that Gilbert and Bessie had a successful marriage, they had three children of their own, two boys called George and Robert and a girl named Elizabeth.

As step father to a potential heir to the throne Gilbert was granted many lands in Warwickshire and Yorkshire. In 1527 he was appointed as a gentleman of the king’s chamber with a further appointment in 1526 as High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

Gilbert Tailboys was created Baron Tailboys of Kyme on 1st December 1529 but died on 15th April 1530 and was buried in Kyme Church.