On this day in 1595 – Henry Walpole died

Henry Walpole was born in 1558 in Norfolk. Walpole was educated at Gray’s Inn.

Walpole was present at the execution of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Edmund Campion who was executed on the charge of high treason in 1581. Walpole seemingly inspired by Campion gave up his law career and converted to Roman Catholicism. On 28th April 1583 Walpole was admitted into the English College, Rome and soon received minor orders. Walpole was ordained at Metz as subdeacon and deacon as well as priest in December 1588.

Walpole was jailed twice in 1586 at Newgate prison on religious grounds but returned to Reims in December 1589 where he was ordained to more posts before being sent on a new mission on 9th April 1591 which would see Walpole land in Whitby. On his way to England Walpole was imprisoned by the English in Flushing and eventually landed at Flamborough, Yorkshire where he was arrested once again for being Catholic and he was imprisoned in York. February 1594 saw Walpole being transferred to the Tower of London where whilst he awaited a trial was tortured with the rack. In 1595 Walpole was sent back to York for his trial where he was hung, drawn and quartered on 17th April 1595.

Henry Walpole

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